Our services

Our services cover all the needs you may have. We are always available for warehousing, transport, customs and other additional services, such as logistical consultations.

Warehouse services

We are Estonia’s largest cold chain logistics company, striving for a better future every day. We believe that the logistics sector must be progressive and open to innovation. It is precisely with this aim in mind that we are applying as much technology as possible to boost efficiency and increase profitability.
We also offer modern tools in our warehouse services. Our warehouse services:

Reception of goods

We will carefully receive your goods and keep a close eye on them throughout the supply chain. We will diligently check the packaging, best-before dates and other essentials.
We use a modern barcode system that allows us to receive goods and pallets faster, store them better, and respond quickly in case of problems.

Our full goods reception service usually consists of the following stages:

  • you let us know which pallets will arrive when
  • we enter the goods in our system
  • we receive the goods
  • we check the goods
  • if a problem occurs, we will protect the client’s interests
  • we assign each pallet a unique ID
  • we place the pallets on racks

Be sure to order precise reception of goods from the largest cold chain logistics company in Estonia.


Your goods are safely and economically stored in our warehouses.

Our warehouses are better than those operated by our competitors because only our freezer facilities in Estonia use narrow and high racks instead of classic racks.

Thus we utilise the available space in the most efficient manner, which is why our prices are better than the competition. Such a warehouse is also environmentally friendly. The less air there is in the freezer, the less energy it consumes.

Be sure to order storage from the largest cold chain logistics company in Estonia!


We organise your goods into batches exactly the way you want. On a pallet? Done. In a crate? Of course. Each item separately? Certainly. Let us know what you need and it will be done! On time and hassle-free.

Even though the low temperatures in freezer warehouses make it difficult to use electronics, computers are still used for order picking. To do this, we have powerful and durable Toughbook computers, commonly used in the military.

Be sure to order picking from the largest cold chain logistics company in Estonia!


Cross-docking is a great solution if you do not store your goods with us but want us to distribute them. Cross-loading consists of receiving, sorting and dispatching of goods.

In the case of cross-docking, the goods usually reach us in the evening and on the next day we send them with our own goods to a shop, restaurant or wherever they are needed. We offer a cross-docking service by the crate and by the pallet.

Be sure to order cross-docking from the largest cold chain logistics company in Estonia!

Terminal service

The terminal service is intended for international transport clients who need to store goods, and it works basically in the same manner as connecting flights.

For example, if the goods arrive from Vilnius and need to get to Helsinki, but the vehicle does not go directly there, the goods are brought to us in Tallinn. We will put it on the next vehicle so it gets to its destination without a hitch.

Be sure to order the terminal service from the largest cold chain logistics company in Estonia!


According to the law, goods must have labels in Estonian. If your goods do not have them, you can count on us. For frozen goods, this is a complex process, but we have all the experience, skills and tools to ensure quality labelling.

Be sure to order the labelling from the largest cold chain logistics company in Estonia!

Transport services

With our help, your goods will arrive quickly and safely where you expect them – in Estonia and abroad.
Our transport services:

Distributive deliveries

Want your goods to reach Võru? Pärnu? Saaremaa? Narva? Anywhere and everywhere! We have an Estonia-wide scheme of delivery rounds. We perform distributive deliveries to larger cities daily and 2-3 times a week to smaller towns.

Be sure to order the distributive deliveries from the largest cold chain logistics company in Estonia!

Delivery management

We organise your deliveries accurately and quickly. We have certain basic delivery rounds, but as freight volumes are volatile and depend on specific needs, we plan new rounds every week based on actual orders.

We can also help you with international transport arrangements. For example, if you need to deliver goods from Riga to a place in Estonia. In this case, a partner will bring the goods from Riga to us and we will add them to a suitable delivery round.

An important link in our delivery management service is the software that plans the rounds according to the actual flow of goods. This always results in the most sensible and fastest routes.

International transport

Our wide range of transport services also includes international transport. If you need your goods to get from a foreign country to Estonia or from Estonia to a foreign country, we can certainly help you. We can also help you order the transport of goods from one foreign country to another.

Courier deliveries

Standard distributive deliveries are not always enough and more flexible solutions are required. If you need to move goods from point A to point B outside the delivery rounds, we can help you with our courier delivery service.

We will deliver your goods directly to where you want them, without using any intermediate warehouses. We are flexible and responsive to your exact needs and wishes.

Additional services

Our cold chain logistics company has a number of additional services to help you plan your business better and save money.
Our additional services:

Logistical consultations

Want the most cost-effective and efficient logistics possible? This is where our logistical consultations can help. We are experts in our field and can easily find the bottlenecks in your current logistics. Often you do not even need to make major changes: just applying a slightly different approach can result in significant logistical cost savings. Sometimes it is as simple as changing the transport times.

We will look at the big picture with you, analyse it and think about how to make the service more affordable.

Supply chain analysis

We will take your supply chain apart and analyse it. The aim is to achieve a more efficient process that will reduce your company’s costs.

We will give you advice on how you can make your supply chain more digital. For example, at many delivery points it makes sense to place orders electronically, but customers are often unaware of this. We will use our experience and expertise to focus on just such details and eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain.

Business software deployment

We will help you deploy software that makes life easier for your company and saves you significant time. Logistical work is very much data-driven, so there is no point, for example, in duplicate data entries because it is such a time-consuming process.

Our system is familiar with the formats used by various well-known software titles and can help you make your day-to-day operations more convenient.

Customs services

Customs services

We can help you with all your customs issues and resolve them quickly. We will take care of the paperwork and you will have one less thing to worry about. A freezer customs warehouse is included in our customs services.

It is a good idea to keep your goods in a customs warehouse while you wait for the next customs procedure. This way, you can better spread your tax payments.
Get in touch with us to discuss various customs services!